Is your website not doing so hot? Have you had less and less views in the past couple of weeks? Do you need more traffic? Here are a couple things you can do to try and get more peoples’ eyes on your site:

1. SEO is Everything

Go over your site and make sure you have optimized your website to the best of your ability. SEO in the adult industry especially, is everything. If you can’t rank then how do you expect to get views. Make sure you are being strategic as possible with your keywords.

2. Good headlines mean more clicks

You should be spending more time on your headline than you should on your copy. Make sure your headlines is as clickable as possible. Because when it comes down to it, the headline is what people are clicking through for – not the copy itself. So, make sure you are using headlines that are 6-9 words long, include numbers, and contain clickable words.

3. Twitter Cards

When you’re using social media marketing, you have to keep in mind that your audience is highly visual. Even if you have super creative copy make sure to slap it on a picture. Create an eye-catching design on Photoshop – or if you are a little less skilled with that or do not have a license I highly recommend using Canva.com – and use that for your social media marketing. If you draw some one in with a pretty graphic, they’re infinitely more likely to click through.

4. Use emails to find your audience on Facebook

Have a huge email list but only use it to blast emails out to users every so often? Well, put your email list to good use by copying and pasting emails into the Facebook search bar. This will allow you to directly meet your customers where they’re at – on Facebook. Everyone using the social media platform and that hasn’t opted out of allowing people to search for them via email will pop up during your search!http://web.archive.org/web/20200221133358if_/https://www.youtube.com/embed/bmU9E4f0CLg?feature=oembed

5. High Volume, Low Competition Keywords

While you may find yourself wanting to go after big keywords, you might find that you’re just an average sized fish in a big pond.
Instead of going after the fish everyone want, do some research with Google Analytics. Instead of going after High Volume, Low Competition Keywords, do yourself a favor and shift your focus toward High Volume, Low Competitions keywords.

6. Bloggggg

New content, new content, new content! You need content for your sites to rate. If you find that you have begun to slip in the ratings lately it might be because you’re neglecting your blogging responsibilities.
Make sure you are actually uploading new content and make sure it is new content that is SEO optimized.

7. Influencer Marketing

This is every affiliate marketers’ secret weapon: influencers If you have been living under a rock for the past several years, you may not have noticed all the hot, young adults that rake in the cash by vlogging.
Find an influencer that might have a similar audience to your market, try to go for a daily vlogger because you’ll get more eyes on your ad, and negotiate a price. I know that dealing with a human element is a little scary, however it is totally worth it.

These kids get so many views on their videos – no matter how ridiculous – it’s actually very impressive.



It’s late, and you’re craving instant gratification, so you take a hot selfie and send it to every attractive person in your snap contacts.

We’ve all needed a little confidence booster, so you mass send and then patiently wait for your snap to blow up with pictures and better yet, messages.

Getting a snap is pretty exciting but once you get a notification that someone is typing, leading to a little blue bubble in the bottom, left corner you lose it.

Depending on how scandalous the first picture was, sexting could begin within the first couple messages.

1. Instant Responses:

With filters and practiced selfie angles it’s rare not to have your go to pose within nanoseconds. It’s not cocky; it’s aware of where the best lighting is in your house and the side angle that makes you looked tone. You finally send the first picture/message, and within a split second, you’ll already be getting a response.

For some reason, snapchat texting has become better than texting. It’s hard not to open a snap the second you get the notification. You must know what the picture is and even more the personal message received.

Once you’ve mastered the exact pose or point you’re trying to get across, make the first move and respond with a message instead. You’ll be surprised how fast someone responds, just pay attention because the message disappears!

Half is a blessing because you might be ashamed of how dirty the previous message was and a curse because you accidentally closed the app. You didn’t fully see the message so now what the hell do you respond?!

Casually reply with a similar sexy response as your previous and you should be golden!
Don’t ruin the moment by asking them to repeat themselves.

2. Camera Roll Pictures:

So you’re actually, ‘hair-tied, chillin’ with no makeup on’ but craving a good sexting sesh. You’re bound to have a shit ton of pictures that you took when you were feeling yourself last week. Just because they aren’t captured at that moment doesn’t mean you still can’t show off how good you look when you try.

You can either use the ‘snap upload’ app and send them the camera roll pictures or even send them through the messaging section of the app.

Don’t you fret your cute, horny head because you can still get away with being a hot mess at home by using those pics and your expertise sexting messages.

3. Block. Report. Delete.

So horny you weren’t thinking clearly or a little too drunk for your good. You’ve managed to juggle multiple sexting conversations the night before and wake up to various naughty responses.

It was good entertainment for a Wednesday evening, but now you got it out of your system and won’t be snap chatting them anytime soon. Not only do you not remember what any of their actual names are but forget exactly where you know them from.

If you weren’t feeling all the random sexters, deleting someone off snap chat is way less dramatic than their actual number. No wonder people ask for snapchat sexting usernames before numbers because that’s commitment in itself.

Also if you’re ever feeling a little frisky again just re-add them and pretend nothing happened by starting off with your routine sexy pic.

Happy SnapChat sexting everyone!

Check out the video below to learn more about SnapChat!