Flirty Texting Games

Flirty Texting Games

Whether youíre looking to build sexual tension or keep conversation flowing between you and a newly ignited flame, you might find yourself at a loss for words while texting. In order to keep communication channels open, it might be wise to resort back to an early 2000ís favorite: Texting games.

Sure they might seem juvenile or extremely outdated but these classic childhood games later adapted for 21st century communication are at their most primitive level plain fun! However, they donít need to stay that way You are more than allowed to let your mind wander. Go ahead! Let your brain take a trip to the gutter. Donít be afraid to get dirty, I mean why not?

Sexual tension is just as important as interesting conversation. Why? Because itís the difference between a connection blossoming into a friendship and a romantic relationship.
Here are a couple of my favorite texting games that might just help you reach that next level with your new boo:

You donít even have to send that ìletís play a gameî text to start this one. Start texting in movie quotes or song lyrics and Iím sure bae will get the hint.
Not only is this game hilarious, but if things do start to get a little steamy youíre limited in what you can say. If youíre worried about saying something that might go too far or if you donít want to give it all away speaking in quotes really helps. This way you canít say anything filthy unless itís been sang in a song or said in a movie.

Fuck Marry Kill:
This game will certainly get you laughing if anything. Go back and forth with each other and ask who theyíd rather fuck, marry, or kill out of three people. This game definitely gets pretty ridiculous, so allow the hilarity to ensue.

Would you rather?:
With this game you can learn a lot about a person, like whether theyíd rather always feel like they have to sneeze or pee for the rest of their lives. This is a great way to joke around with your new flame and get to know them in the silliest possible way.

20 Questions:
Take a page out of any 2000 teenager and start a game of 20 Questions with your crush. This is the kind of game that can definitely go either way when it comes to being funny or sexy. How? Well if youíre really looking to get sexy make sure the item you choose is one of the sexier parts of your body or if youíre feeling extra freaky choose something in your sex toy collection.
This way you can lead his/her mind on a sexy scavenger hunt to figure out what exactly your chosen focus is at that very moment. Once they figure it out, capitalize on that moment of steamy discovery.

Craft your own story by going back and forth each texting one sentence. What will your story be? Romantic or maybe erotica?

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